How much does it cost to buy and own real estate in Latvia?
October 18, 2021
The cost of acquisition of real estate is not limited to the price of the property itself. In this article we have compiled general information which may help prospective buyers understand the costs of buying and owning immovable property in Latvia.
1. ACQUISITION COSTSThe total costs related to the acquisition of real estate may be divided into three parts:
State fee for ownership registration
Notary feesThe change of ownership from the seller to the buyer shall be registered with the Land Register. For that purpose both parties have to address a notary public in Latvia who will draw up a Request for Corroboration for the Land Register. This is usually done at the same time as signing of the purchase contract. Signatures of the parties on the Request for Corroboration have to be notarized. Notary’s fees in this case will amount to average 70-90 EUR, but may be more depending on the circumstances. The Request for Corroboration then needs to be submitted to the Land Register together with the purchase contract and other documents.
Bank charges
2. COST OF OWNERSHIPOwning real estate in Latvia comes with a number of costs and expenses, and namely:
Immovable property taxEvery owner of real estate in Latvia is required to pay Immovable property tax annually. The Immovable property tax is tied to the so called cadastral value of the property. The cadastral value is determined in respect of each property by the government and is used mainly for taxation purposes.
According to the law, real estate owners shall be taxed annually at the following rates:
Worth noting that municipalities are allowed to provide tax reliefs to its residents. For example, in Riga a family with 1-3 children can get a tax relief reducing the payable tax by 50-90% (depending on the number of children). There are also other tax reliefs provided by the municipalities with respect to the Immovable property tax.
Utilities and maintenanceSpeaking of a 70-100 sq.m. apartment in Riga the utilities (heating, gas, water, sewerage, electricity, etc.) and maintenance costs may amount to 150-350 EUR on average, but that, of course, depends on a number of circumstances, such as location, age of a building, number of residents, etc. New buildings usually come with higher maintenance and management costs.
Real estate insuranceInsurance costs are various depending on the parameters of real estate.
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