Law Firm practice areas
  • Dispute resolution by means of litigation or alternative dispute resolution arrangements;
  • Appealing court judgments by means of appellate or cassation procedure;
  • Disputes with banks, insurance companies, property management companies, etc.
  • Debt recovery or prevention of recovery;
  • Securing of claims: attachment of bank accounts and movable/immovable property;
  • Recognition and enforcement in Latvia of arbitration awards and foreign court judgments.
  • Assistance with applying for Latvian citizenship by descent, registration of dual citizenship of Latvian exiles;
  • Assistance with applying for permanent and/or temporary residence permit in Latvia under the Investor Programme or on other grounds;
  • Appealing the decisions rendered by Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs;
  • Assistance in cases concerning repatriation to Latvia – help with preparing necessary paperwork and obtaining status of repatriate.
  • Representation at courts and orphans’ court in matrimonial and parental responsibility matters;
  • Recovery of child support or prevention of recovery;
  • Determination of the parentage of a child and paternity disputes;
  • Counseling on marriage contracts;
  • Determination of separate custody or access rights to a child, division of spouse common property;
  • Assistance with returning children from third countries in case of wrongful removal or retention of children in breach of custody rights.
  • Drafting of sale-purchase contracts, pre-purchase agreements, lease agreements, mortgage contracts and other documentation;
  • Supervision of real estate purchase transactions and registration of the buyer’s ownership;
  • Representation of the buyer/seller during the sale of real estate;
  • Management of the property: resolution of different issues with management companies, services providers, tenants, tax authorities, etc.
  • Registration with Land Register of mortgages and encumbrance endorsements.
  • Formation of companies (SIA, AS), branches and representative offices;
  • Drafting of shareholder agreements and incorporation documents;
  • Resolution of shareholder disputes;
  • Liquidation of companies, registration of commercial pledges;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • Matters of abuse of dominant position, unfair driving out of the market;
  • Matters of compliance with national and EU competition rules;
  • Merger clearance;
  • Representation before the Competition Council of Latvia, appealing decisions rendered by the Competition Council.
  • Drafting of employment contracts, commercial secret and confidentiality agreements;
  • Advising company management on the employment law compliance issues;
  • Representation of employers in relations with State Labour Inspectorate;
  • Issues surrounding the posting of workers to EU Member States;
  • Disputes regarding termination of employment; drafting of necessary documentation for employee dismissals.
  • Advising on issues of compliance with Consumer Law and UnfairCommercial Practice Prohibition Law;
  • Representation at the Consumer Rights Protection Centre;
  • Cross-border consumer protection cases;
  • Drafting of consumer claims/responding to consumer claims;
  • Appealing of the Consumer Rights Protection Centre’s decisions.
  • Counseling on the issues of Latvian and EU succession regulation;
  • Heir dispute resolution and representation in court;
  • Assistance with cross-border succession matters;
  • Lodging of creditor claims in respect of the estate with notary public;
  • Disputing of wills and inheritance contracts;
  • Matters concerning ‘estate without a claimant’;
  • Exclusion of the suriving spouse’s share from the assets of the estate.
  • Matters concerning insolvency proceedings of legal and natural persons;
  • Assistance with initiating legal protection proceedings in Latvia;
  • Lodging of creditor claims with appointed administrators;
  • Cross-border insolvency matters;
  • Appealing against appointed administrator decisions and actions;
  • Protecting members of the board against administrator claims.
  • Resolution of disputes concerning infringement of copyright and neighbouring rights;
  • Resolution of disputes over patents, design rights and trademarks;
  • Representation before the Patent Office in Latvia and Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM);
  • Drafting and lodging of written appeal or opposition with the Board of Appeal;
  • General counseling in the area of copyright, trade secrets and other Intellectual Property;
  • Registration of patents, designs, trademarks in European Union.
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